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I have had the SAME insurance company (well known) for 34 years.  I have always had a "great rate" and "great customer service" for my home owners and my car.   In the past I have compared my rates with other companies (Progressive, Geico etc) that promise the "BEST RATE" and incentives for "Good" driving records etc.   I was always told that I had a great rate that they either "could not beat" or was such a small difference that I was not convinced to change my company with my agents that I had for so long.

This changed .....EFFECTIVE TODAY!........

I contacted "ASHLEY"  by a recommendation of another person who saved drastically.   I immediately told her that I doubted very much that she could help me but I was told "you never know" and being the person that I am ..... I gave it a shot and I am so happy that I did! here is her information as I know you will also want to give her a call and just "see" if she can help you as much or more than she was able to help me......

Ashley Painter
Agency Owner
Central Virginia Insurance Group, LLC
13818 Village Mill Drive
Suite D
Midlothian, Va. 23114

The BEST thing about her and her being my agent (besides her tenacity and friendliness)  is that she is connected with many companies and is not just looking at one but many options and which options best suiting me!  here are my personal results:

PREVIOUS COMPANY:       $329.77 (every 6 mo.) = $659.54 annually  FULL COVERAGE with my driving record and vehicle.....

NEW PRICE     $391 annually  with MORE COVERAGE than I had....

                Total Auto savings annually = $268.54

PREVIOUS COMPANY - $828 annually
                Total Home Savings annually = $423

BOTH AUTO AND HOME SAVINGS ANNUALLY (for Anjie) = $691.54 it's almost like I will be getting my CAR INSURED FOR FREE.....   

previous cost $1487   YES THIS IS WORTH THE SWITCH....

I don't have my home owner insurance rolled into a payment like many people do , so it is quite EVIDENT to me ... the price I am paying .... don't "ignore" these savings if they are rolled into your payment... you can get a discount for having your home / car with same company!

Now..... I am paying for this with a CREDIT CARD ....which will also earn points towards other savings in other areas, which will only be beneficial if I pay this off immediately.... so this expense must be "planned for" and "banked" ahead of time in my monthly planning...

I am moving to a company that is NOT a fly by night company but one with a good reputation and good record with its customers and the BBB.  It has been around for many years.   

So with the above being said it is WELL WORTH my moving I checked my BF's truck & driving record to see if he too could save money with using Ashley as his agent....
SCORE!   he was ALSO able to change from a lesser known company to a better known company with more coverage for less money , his savings for his vehicle was quoted as $126!   He had liability only or could add comprehensive for $158.  He is opting to INCREASE his coverage and payment.... instead of savings as he works in a business in which the comprehensive just makes so much sense to have for about $14 per month.

Not everyone has the SAME situation or same opportunities for savings but YA NEVER KNOW ...unless you make that call....for was WELL WORTH IT!  

Thank you Ashley,  for personalizing my situation and coming up with the RIGHT SOLUTION for my high insurance cost(s)

its the LAW in VA that you need to carry insurance on your vehicles.... these are the minimum requirements:

To purchase license plates or decals, you must certify that the vehicle is covered by the minimum insurance requirements or pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee. Insurance requirements also apply to antique motor vehicles. Your insurance carrier must be authorized to conduct business in Virginia.
Virginia requires the following minimum coverage:
  • Bodily injury/death of one person $25,000
  • Bodily injury/death of two or more persons $50,000
  • Property damage $20,000
Insurance companies may factor in their policy premium the driving record of any individual of driving age that resides within an insured's household. If you have any questions regarding the potential impact a newly licensed driver may have on your policy, you may wish to contact your insurance agent.
The $500 Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee, which is paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), does not provide any insurance; it only allows you to drive an uninsured vehicle at your own risk. It expires with your registration and must be paid at renewal.
Note: Severe penalties are imposed for not complying with insurance requirements. If liability insurance coverage on a vehicle terminates or cancels during the registration period, you must reinsure the vehicle, pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee, temporarily deactivate your license plates, or surrender the license plates to DMV.
Self-insurance or Surety Bonds are special options for owners of business vehicles. Details are available at any DMV office.


Vehicle owners who are uninsured or have not paid the UMV fee will have their driving and vehicle registration privileges suspended. To be reinstated, they must pay a $500 statutory fee, file a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) with DMV for three years, and pay a reinstatement fee, if applicable.

My Spending Map....... The Visual......

This is my spending map from  an average expenses in the past two years.   This graph looks VERY different from years past.     These numbers are based on YEARLY costs for each category.  The two largest "slices of the pie"  are 


 in the past my CREDIT CARD expenses were paid off Monthly and I never had a "running balance" creating Interest and more stress than I have now.   I always collect points from my credit cards which have contributed to less "random" expenses covering most of my entertainment and some of my gift buying.

Due to hardships  these two categories have gotten out of control.   

I will need to save money in the "other" areas of the pie chart and throw the savings to these two categories to become financially stable as I have been prior to my life hardships.

Amidst all of this ..... my Central Air / Heat needs to be replaced, which at a bargain from a friend is costing me almost $4K of more unexpected expenses.  

I am lucky in that I do have the money to bail myself out in my Retirement / Savings... but emptying that account would not be in my best interest unless I can replace those moneys by throwing the dollars into a different piece of the pie.  (I hope that makes sense to you)  as my income is not one in which will get larger by raises / cost of living etc any time in the near or even far future.

So with that being said..... I am prepared to show you my savings and spendings ...... starting with this date  AUGUST 24.... and how that will and does affect my lifestyle.    I hope that my learning and sharing of these details will help you and help me at the same time!


Everyone that knows me knows that I am a frugal girl.... and have written many  many posts about saving money.   As I have gotten older my needs and bills look different than they did 32 years ago when I began my journey to learn to pay my bills on time, have a FUN life and spend money on things that I WANT TO more than what I have to.  

REMEMBER The bottom line is not the money I SAVE but the amount of money you SPEND!!!   If you are spending more money than is in your budget to SAVE money are accomplishing nothing.

I have had some major life changes in the past 5 years that have put money on credit cards that I did not have to spend.  I have had several unexpected challenges and bills and costs that have caused my "money saving plans" of the past change and change so rapidly that I had no control of what happened to my bank account..... and credit cards.   

The beginning of it was my father and his mother were in ICU at the same time and I was "that person" that is responsible to "take care of things" you just DO IT and the costs come then and then later and they keep coming...  in addition to that... other things changed and cost me (won't bore you with the details , we all have things "happen" beyond our control)  the purpose of this is to share with you the 'WAY OUT'  the revamping that I am doing and how I am doing that will hopefully help you to do the same... 

I have had to revamp....
The first steps (or RE-STEPS) for revamping my  money and how I spend it were simple...  right down a list of the things I MUST pay .... I  know those monthly, quarterly, yearly bills that you have to pay to sustain my lifestyle.    

My bills for living include but are not limited to:

  • Cable  (TV,  home phone, Internet)
  • Cell phone
  • Groceries
  • House:   upkeep, repairs, yard
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water / Septic
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Dr. & Health (prescriptions)
  • Taxes:   real estate , personal property
  • Car expenses:  Gasoline, Oil Changes, repairs
  • Incidentals :  H&B items , Toiletries etc,  Postage, Gifts,      household replacement items
  • Entertainment
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Investments /  retirement
  • Insurance:   Car,  House , Life
  • Unexpected expenses

Where does your $$ go?.....  What does your spending style look like?  

I have taken the list above and broken them down into categories or time frames that they need to be paid:   This list is longer than the first list as I have expanded into a bit more detail...

  • Groceries
  • Cable  (TV,  home phone, Internet)
  • Electricity
  • Water / Septic
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Gas
  • Cell phone
  • Insurance:   Car,  House , Life
  • Dental
  • Taxes:   real estate , personal property, car tags
  • Vision  (yearly to bi-yearly)
  • Investments / retirement
  • Household: Septic Cleaning
  • Household: Driveway Sealing

  • House:   upkeep, repairs, yard, cleaning supplies
  • Entertainment:  restaurants, movies, vacations etc
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Health (prescriptions, sick visits etc)
  • Incidentals :  H&B items , Toiletries etc,  Postage, Gifts,      household replacement items
  • Car expenses:  Gasoline, Oil Changes, repairs
  • Unexpected expenses:  hardships, family expansions, deaths, illnesses etc
  • office supplies

That (above) is my breakdown table of what I spend , when I spend and how I spend it.... your "table" may look totally different than mine but the way to "tackle" it is the same ..... one thing at a time.

In my younger years my bills and the ratio of the amount of money I pay to the household income looked much differently than they do today.   From time to time you must look at your bills and REVAMP your spending to fit your lifestyle.

My view of "things" or items  is that they should "last" and my "expectation" is that things should last longer than they do .  The old adage "they don't make things like they used to"  rings truer and truer to me as I get older.  Somethings that used to "last forever" and have changed how I spend money and needed to be REVAMPED immediately were....
  • Telephones and telephone costs
  • food and entertainment and gifts : cost is changed in ration to your family size
  • Appliances and replacement / repairs : no longer do these items last 20+ years :( 
  • Television and the skyrocketing costs of having available..... used to be FREE and as technology has changed can cost as much as $200 a month depending on your family
  • gasoline  (volatile pricing that drops and raises with the political environment)
  • Grandchildren!  You can never plan for the arrival or the expansion of your family!  
  • Postage :  used to be a much higher cost for my family than it is today
  • INSURANCE:   as your lifestyles change so do your insurance needs.... 

OK soooo get out your pencil and paper  /  and  map out your Spending Table.... note that I have not added $$ prices to anything yet..... that will start to happen with step 2.  I don't like to be overwhelmed by any "changes" that I make and I have found that trying to swallow the entire enchilada at once makes things more overwhelming than taking bite size chunks and digesting them and revamping them over and over again. 

GOOD LUCK And stay tuned for my other steps in revamping your spending / saving abilities!

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